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Why don’t I see custom meta boxes in my ‘Add New Post’ page?

There can be two main reasons if you don’t see custom meta box for creating video, audio, status or a gallery post.

Titan Framework must be installed.

First & most important requirement for custom meta box?in ‘Shuban – A Premium WordPress Blog Theme’ is to have ‘Titan Framework’ installed & active. If you have this step while installing your theme, you already must be having ‘Titan Framework’ installed. Make sure that this plugin is activated.

You can check if this plugin is installed & active by going to Plugins > Installed Plugins.

WordPress installed plugins

Make sure ‘Titan Framework’ is there on the list & is active.

titan framework wordpress plugin

If you don’t have ‘Titan Framework’ in this list, follow this post. It will help you install ‘Titan Framework’.


If you have Titan framework installed & still don’t see custom meta box, do the following step.


Enable Custom Meta Boxes from ‘Screen Options’.

With active ShubanPro theme & Titan Framework plugin, if you don’t see custom meta box for particular post format, check if it is enabled from ‘Screen options’

  1. Go to Posts > Add New.?WordPress add new blog post
  2. Click on ‘Screen Options’ at top right corner.?WordPress theme screen options
  3. The page will be pushed down displaying few more options. Select all required custom meta boxes from this option. For Durja, refer the following screenshot and select all custom meta boxes.Blog-theme-custom-meta-boxes-options


Now, when you select your post format, you must see a custom meta box for required additional information.

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