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Recommended plugins for Pro version

Before starting this step, you must have completed Installing ShubanPro. Once you download & install ShubanPro, the theme will recommend you Titan Framework plugins. These are most important plugins in Shubanpro WordPress theme.

If you want your WordPress blog website to look same as a demo website, you will need to install all of these WordPress plugins. We have made it easy to install these plugins via our theme. Just click on ‘Begin installing plugins’ link displayed in an alert message at the top (Check above screenshot). This will take you to next screen, which looks like this:

Install WordPress plugins

Click on Install Button. Check this screenshot:

Install all required plugins

Now, you will need to activate titan framework plugins. You can activate plugin in the same way.

Recommended WordPress Plugins


To make you understand more about these WordPress plugins, we have added their basic information below:

Titan Framework :

We have used this plugin to creating metaboxes. Titan Framework allows theme and plugin developers to create admin pages, options, meta boxes, and theme customizer options with just a few simple lines of code. This means faster theme & plugin creation for everyone. Titan Framework aims to be easily used by everyone. The goal is to make it plug and play ? just activate the plugin and start creating your options You can read more about Titan Framework WordPress plugin on https://wordpress.org/plugins/titan-framework/.


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