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How to embed YouTube video?

Shuban is a powerful WordPress blog theme. In this article we?ll go over how to embed YouTube videos.

Embed video

Embedding allows you to take your video ? or someone else’s video ? and post it on a web page outside of youtube. Adding YouTube videos to WordPress is fairly simple because of Embed support added in version 2.9. If you want to know more, please visit Embed youtube.

Embed Youtube Video


How to add youtube video in the post?

Follow these steps to add youtube video in your post:

  1. Login to WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Go to Posts > Add New. Embed Youtube Video
  3. To quickly embed a YouTube video, simply copy the video?s URL from your web browser?s address bar while viewing video on youtube sites.
  4. Paste into WordPress post editor.
  5. We take care of the rest! You will see the video when you preview or publish your post.
  6. Click on Publish button.

Embed Youtube video

Your embed video post will be published.


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