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FAQs – BizPoint

Following are few of the frequently?asked questions and their answers.


How do I change website’s front page template?

If you don’t want to use BizPoint’s default home page template, simply change the “Template” in Page Attributes. If you set “Default?Template” and set that page as a homepage from “Settings > Reading“, our default homepage template will be used.


How do I edit content for my default homepage?

You can edit the content of default homepage from “Appearance > Customize > Frontpage Settings“. You must have selected a static page as your homepage and on the page, “Default” template must be selected.


Will importing demo delete my current data?

No. Importing demo content will not delete any existing content. It will download new content from the demo and change some settings.


Fonts & colors are looking different than the demo after import.

This might be because of the Elementor’s global fonts & colors. You should disable them from “Elementor > Settings” page.


Can I use this theme with other page builders like SiteOrigin or Beaver Builder?

Yes. BizPoint works perfectly with page builder plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin etc.


Can I change typography for my website with the free version?of the theme?

Yes. You can change typography by going to “Appearance > Customize > Typography Settings” even in a free version of BizPoint. With premium version, you get options?to customize it even further.


Background image setting from customizer not working.

“Background Image” setting is used if you are using the boxed version of the theme. You can change this setting from?”Appearance > Customize > Layout Settings“.


How can I reset my customizer settings to default?

You can reset customizer settings to default ones by using plugins like “Customizer Reset“. Remember that resetting will also erase settings that have been imported using “Import Demo” functionality.


Do you offer customization services?

Yes. We do offer customization services but it depends on our team’s availability. You can drop us an email on sales@salttechno.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


If you have not found any solution to your problem, you can ask a question on the support forum.

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