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Embedding a tweet into your blog post

Bani theme is modern yet elegant, easy-to-use and with fully responsive layout. In this article we?ll go over how to embed tweet.

Embed tweet

Embed a Single Tweet. An embedded Tweet brings brings the best content created on Twitter into your article or website. An embedded Tweet may include unique photos or a video created for display on Twitter or interactive link previews to highlight additional content. If you want to know more, please visit Embed Twitter.

Embed tweet


How to embed a tweet into your blog post?

Follow these steps to add tweet in your post:

  1. First, locate the tweet you want to post. Then click the timestamp on twitter site.
  2. You?ll be taken to the page for that individual tweet. Copy the URL in the address bar.
  3. Login to WordPress admin dashboard.
  4. Go to Posts > Add New. Embedding tweet
  5. Paste the copied url into WordPress post editor.
  6. We take care of the rest! You will see the tweet when you preview or publish your post.
  7. Click on Publish button.

Twitter Embed

Your embed tweet post will be published.


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