Hello Team,

5.5 years back, when “Salt Technologies” started, it was a small team with a small office in a 1 BHK flat. It was so inadequate that when the 4th member joined the team, she had to sit in the kitchen next to the kitchen platform. After working in all those conditions for more than a year, there was a change. A change, that was our next step. A change, that was for good. We moved to a better place. That’s our current office at Baner. We are working here for more than 3 years.

Now is the time for the next baby step. Time for the change again.

New Office Signage

We are moving to a better & smarter working place this weekend. We will be moving to a new commercial space near Hinjewadi. I hope that along with new office, this change will bring new energy, new enthusiasm, and new strategies for every one of us.

Few of us have already started working on new strategies. Changes that everyone is seeing currently are part of it.

So, get ready, get energized and make your plans. For next few years, we will be having a ride on a new roller coaster with new plans and new challenges.

Sujay will let all of us know the moving plan in detail with dates and features in the new office.

You can revert back to me on this email or to Sujay for your concerns and queries.

All the best.

Published by Nilesh G