If you have ever used a ‘managed WordPress hosting’, you would never question its advantages. Definitely, it’s bit costlier than some cheap ‘shared hostings’. But it comes with great benefits over the normal hosting.

In this article, we will focus on advantages of using managed hosting.

Benefits of “Managed WordPress Hosting”:

We host all of our WordPress websites on WP Engine. Even this website and all of our theme demos are hosted on WP Engine. Following are main reasons why we chose WP Engine. Almost all other ‘managed hosting’ providers will provide these benefits but we recommend using WP Engine based on our experience.

1. Faster Performance

Servers used for “Managed WordPress hosting” are configured and tuned specially for WordPress. They are blazing quick even when your website gets a lot of traffic. WP Engine uses highly scalable architecture to handle more traffic.

2. Better Security

Managed hosting providers take some extra measures to stop attacks and malicious intent in its tracks. They add an extra layer of security which makes your WordPress website more secure. Managing security of your WordPress website will be service provider’s job if you choose it properly.

Managed WordPress Hosting

3. Service & Support

Managed hosting providers give better support because they have experts specially trained for WordPress issues. Our experience with WP Engine support is just amazing and that is the first reason why we recommend them to others.

4. Regular Backups

Most of the “Managed WordPress Hosting” providers handle regular backups for your website. If you want, you can choose a plan that backs up your WordPress website daily. This feature can help you amazingly in some unfortunate?situation.

5. Automatic Updates

WordPress is a very active community and they push regular updates with new features and security patches. There are some security issues if you don’t update your WordPress for a long time. With managed hosting, you will need not to worry about updating your WordPress version.


WP Engine is just a recommendation as we use it regularly for our websites. You can also go for other managed hosting providers like FlyWheel, SiteGround, Dreamhost etc.

Published by Nilesh G